Never give your child a vaccination without reading the insert, by that I mean the insert in the vaccine pack that is opened by the clinic nurse. An insert is provided for every individual vaccination.
Never vaccinate your child without informed consent. Vaccinations carry risks and you should be alert to this, vaccination is not a benign medical procedure. Many parents do not first read the contents of the vaccine pack. This is bordering on gross negligence and is an abdication of parental responsibility.
It should be mandatory that parents read this essential data. I strongly believe that many parents would not allow their children to be vaccinated if they read the alarming risks implicit in some of these procedures.
I am not a doctor but I believe I have read many more studies, and I am better informed on the attributes of vaccination that almost all doctors and would be and all main stream media and more than willing to debate this question with any medic or expert in the field.
The reason why I am so confident is because this is nothing to do with medical science, simply because no safety test appear to have ever been done. Nor has the research community ever made an appropriate study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated medical outcomes.
But public health authorities in the UK are in possession of comprehensive data about vaccinated versus unvaccinated health. This information has never been released. Why? And if it revealed, for example, that autism and some other conditions were confined to vaccinated populations would this cause you to think differently about vaccinating your child?
Ad hoc studies and data, for example from the Amish community in North America and from many thousands of patients belonging to the HomeFirst Natural Health Clinics around Chicago suggest that this is just the case. These groups do not commonly vaccinate nor do they contain autistic people.
Vaccination started almost a hundred years ago when it was a utilitarian concept that argued that almost any means of fending off life threatening diseases was justifiable even though there would be known collateral harm.
Many people have paid with their lives during the tremendously experimental years that followed, but the immediate past thirty years past history of vaccination has been more shockingly destructive than in any period before or since.
First introduced as a preservative albeit containing the world's second most toxic material, mercury, in a compound form, Thimerosal has been injected worldwide into infants and adults since the early thirties. Many cases of outright death and delayed death as well as extensive harm have resulted.
The original mistake, killing twenty two patients affected by meningococcal meningitis in Indianapolis in 1929 was deemed to be 'successful', quoting 'no shock' in the patients? This could not be admitted by the makers, it was covered up time and time again and continued to be covered up as more and more instances of harm resulted from its use.
Countless researchers advised against its use but it continued because the costs by now of admitting the damage caused by this material had become incomparably vast threatening to encompass the industry, government and individual researchers.
This use has continued to this day. But new diagnostic science enables us to know more than we ever did about Thimerosal. Mercury may react with phosphorous in the brain because certain isotopes of mercury are highly bio-reactive and could cause damage to neurons (Professor Matthew Fisher, University of California, 2016) leading to damage to the central nervous system.
Thimerosal (50% ethyl mercury) crosses the blood brain barrier and has been observed damaging snail brains in electron microscopy (by Professor Boyd Haley University of Kentucky 2002).
Testosterone may be implicated in damage from Thimerosal. Amniocentesis fluid taken from birth canals of children subsequently diagnosed as autistic reveal anomalously high levels of testosterone.
Autism families are said to exhibit high levels of testosterone leading Professors Simon Baron-Cohen and John Thomas Manning to remark that 'testosterone runs through these families like a river'.
Laboratory animals used to test Thimerosal show that brain damage occurs more readily in male animals and kills male animals before female animals succumb to harm (Professor Boyd Haley, University of Kentucky.)
Gender skew is well established in male infants leading to four to one diagnoses of autism in boys compared to girls.
The US Centre for Disease Control funds a compensation scheme for children damaged by vaccines. Despite making it almost impossible to qualify for compensation through the US Vaccine Courts, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Scheme) has paid out almost $3 billion since 1986 in compensation. VAERS is funded by an industry levy on vaccine makers in which products containing Thimerosal bear the highest charges. Perhaps the only study of this data revealed that there was a distinct association between the degree of harm in individuals that was consistent with their exposure to mercury in vaccines. The top US epidemiologists who discovered this were subsequently banned by the Bush Government from further access to the data.
Herd Immunity is a deliberately vague concept that suggests that failure to reach a given level of vaccination across a group or population will lead to increased risk to others. There is absolutely no evidence to support this assertion.
In practice Herd Immunity was originally devised to support carpet bombing in the Vietnam War by John Nash the famous mathematician. Not immediately obvious where the notion of a 'beautiful mind' came from. It is simply a means of optimising the reach of a practice or behaviour towards defined objectives.
If vaccines cause harm, as many makers suggest they may, in the pack inserts, then the harm will be optimised as much as any good that follows from the procedure.
Your doctor is paid to achieve high levels of vaccination in his or her practice to seek to maintain Herd Immunity levels. In practice this can be several £thousand a year, described by one doctor as 'enough to meet the costs of a top of the range annual holiday for my family'.
The US Center for Disease Control may be more strongly implicated in the mercury catastrophe because it has resisted makers' claims that they can supply alternative preservatives in vaccines and can manufacture the supply volumes needed.
Unreported scandal surrounds the employment by the CDC of a researcher who absconded with $2.3 millions of CDC funds stolen in Denmark. Dr Poul Thorsen had been the leader of an epidemiological study company that had supplied much of the data used by the CDC to support its vaccine programs.
Dr Thorsen had been found to be listed in US most wanted fugitive lists but there has as yet been no further developments in this saga. It is understood the cash disappeared in 2009 and the whereabout of Dr Thorsen have been identified variously in Atlanta, Georgia where the CDC is based, and in Denmark where Dr Thorsen worked at Aarhus University. There seems to be no haste to bring this fugitive to justice. An excellent and very well balanced account of the use of Thimerosal in vaccines was published under the editorship of Robert Kennedy Jnr in 2014.


It is a powerful and extraordinarily researched book that is also easy to read and ought to be standard reading matter for parents whilst Thimerosal continues to be used in vaccines. Robert Kennedy Jnr calls for its immediate withdrawal from use in all vaccines. We appreciate that the question of damage from vaccines is a highly complex and demanding subject. Parents however regard the health and wellbeing of their children as being the topmost purpose in their lives and our suggestion is that at the very least parents must read vaccine inserts - ask for them at the time of making an appointment - if you then have serious concerns do not shrink from postponing a vaccination until you have received the level of reassurance you consider to be appropriate.
Now about the purpose of this regular report. It is nothing more than an effort to inform UK and other parents and planned parents, to take an interest in your child's welfare. It is almost beyond belief that given the years of controversy around vaccines that any parent should be so passive as to ignore possible safety considerations in their use.
Perhaps it might be better understood looking at what Samantha Cameron said recently to the Times about looking after a disabled child. It takes you out of a comfortable existence into one of 'doctors and social services and pushes you to the limits of what you can cope with physically and emotionally'.
Let me make it clear that I have no idea what caused Ivan's disability but it probably could not be excluded that vaccination did not, and certainly that vaccination is directly responsible for an unknown number of other disabled kids around the world.
After many years enquiring into vaccination and autism, including many visits and speeches to UK and overseas audiences I have seen a divergent range of possible indicators in the cases I have encountered.
As Vice-Chairman and Founder Chairman respectively of three highly successful voluntary societies; The National Autistic Society, Linden Bridge School development group, and Stroud Court Community Trust I have met hundreds of parents and their autistic and other children over forty years.
These include; hormonal anomalies in parents - elevated testosterone and curiously, low testosterone in parents. Boys outnumber girls more than four to one. Autistic boys nearly all mature quickly to display high testosterone features. Call this mannish, whilst girls too are soon somewhat boyish. The single biggest anomaly in amniocentesis fluids taken from birth canals of births subsequently diagnosed as autistic is elevated testosterone. US scientists say elevated testosterone is probably more common in male babies, or at least a propensity to it.
The same scientists believe that this vulnerability, tested in laboratory animals, kills and harms male brain neurons more readily than female brains. The gender skew is probably explained by this research.
Vaccination; I have never met or heard of a proven case of an unvaccinated autistic person despite there being around 10% of births, in an annual figure of some 600,000, not going on to receive vaccination. Recorded data started to be kept in 1966.
You may be drawn to the incomprehensible conclusion that the US vaccine industry (it makes 80% of world vaccines) has been playing Russian Roulette with childrens' lives in the continued use of obviously highly toxic material known to have caused many deaths in its other industrial and commercial applications.
Horrendous as it is, it is virtually unavoidable that massive harm has been done by these products. They are of course highly profitable products sold mainly to governments and health groups. But the clear facts are that the potentially huge costs of meeting law suits from millions of cases has led to governments/industry cartels in the western world that just shies away from allowing the truth to be known. Both of these bodies pay out multi millions in continuing efforts of illegalities, bribery, revolving doors, PR, fake research, deals with overseas governments, etc., to damp down the realisation that the modern history of vaccination is mired in criminality and deception.
Well let's not talk about autism for a bit, but as there are now several millions of autistic people in the world it's hard to see how that condition could be overplayed.
Let's instead talk about other conditions, one of which is very serious and even life threatening. I mean Asthma, like other immune conditions the prevalence of Asthma has increased dramatically in recent years and this is almost certainly associated with vaccines. On 9th December 2002 Pulse medical newspaper reported the outcome of a study entitled the Cumbria Study which looked into the medical histories of 29,000 school age children in education in North West England.
It was found that the prevalence of these immune conditions, Asthma, Allergies, Eczema and Psoriasis were greater in the vaccinated group than in those unvaccinated by a multiple of twenty two times through eighteen times and twelve times to ten times. Not percentage increases but how many times more present these conditions are in vaccinated children.
If this clinical study is correct and evidence in the classrooms tells most of us how everyone at school knows what an inhaler is, unquestioning acceptance of the vaccine schedule may simply be volunteering your child into this high prevalence group.
Read the Insert Please before you lead your child into the vaccination room.
You may think, as many parents do that vaccines are inherently safe - the truth is that they are inherently unsafe. Judge for yourself, here is a reference to a book published in 2011 by world expert in infectious diseases and viral pandemics Professor Nathan Wolfe at Stanford University. He says that one in fifteen (6%) of people reading his book today will be infected by Simian Virus 40 (SV40) a virus of Asian Macaques introduced into human populations in the sixties through contaminated vaccines.
How confident do you feel that in the 21st century such things couldn't happen? In 2009 I wrote to the Oxford Mail pointing out that Pandemrix a vaccine intended to counter Swine Flu included Thimerosal. The paper printed my letter but reassured the public that the Oxford Vaccine Advisory committee had rejected my concerns and that parents should bring their children forward for vaccination. Later the UK Government paid out over £20 millions in compensation to in compensation to individuals harmed by this vaccine.
Professor Wolfe makes a strong point of 'remaining vigilant' he means professionals, of course, don't you think that should apply to us too. It's your child's life and in this case life definitely can mean life.
Let me be clear Professor Wolfe does not reject vaccination on the contrary but he is absolutely fastidious in mitigating risk by very high standards of personal hygiene and an awareness of risk.
He calls this risk literacy which he describes as an informed public that can understand and appropriately interpret information on pandemics. We couldn't possibly have put it better.
We welcome any observations you have on these questions and we are happy to provide further information when needed, especially scientific references to research claims reported upon.